Become a soul winner!

Christ Jesus came to the world to give life in abundance. But if a man who doesn’t receive Christ in his spirit, remains a dead man. Jesus said go into the world and preach the gospel, but we are required to preach truth about why He came. Not to make us rich, or make all our problems go away, but to resurrect our spirit man and reconcile us back to the father. The life Jesus gives, brings several benefits, but we must learn to lean on the Holy Spirit and the word of God to truly experience those benefits. Without the knowledge of His word, we perish, we are deceived and manipulated to the wrong doctrines or traditions. Be wise to preach the truth to those who still need to receive this life. A new life full of hope and a great future through the power of His shed blood!

My Case is Different! I am set aside!

In this world, we all have different outcomes to the things that happen in our lives. We all have a different destiny, different stars and different purpose and assignments, but many are being influenced by the enemy to assume that the failure or mistakes or results of others will affect them same way. This is not so, we will all experience some similar circumstances, decisions or paths, but our results will be different. When we assume the worst, then we become afraid to try new things, take a leap of faith or even get up from our slumber. Understand that you are born or God, and you need to use the word of God to shut the enemy up from the lies of the past, present and even future fears. God is still on His throne, advocating for you continually. I pray this will inspire somebody. Remember that you are set aside because you belong to the bloodline of Jesus Christ, so you cannot loose.

Living a victorious life in Christ!

Living a Victorious life in Christ does not mean that we become problem free, mistake free, trials free, but it means we renew our mindset by believing the word of God over any other word and exercising our faith in God through it all. Knowing that Christ has overcome the World for us, and we are victorious in all we do, no matter how long it take for our situations,or conditions to change. I pray this video bless your life in Jesus name.